Bella Thorne Flaunts Her Armpit Hair While On Vacation And Sparks Online Debate

If you spend any time on social media you will quickly find out that many people get ticked of about many many subjects. Some even get angry about the strangest things, the hot topic on social media now that is infuriating people is woman having armpit hair.

I know this is going to come as a shock but woman have ALWAYS had armpit hair.  It naturally grows in our armpits!  It’s safe to say that all genders have hair in the underarm area it starts in the teenage years so what is there to be so upset about?

So, when Bella Thorne posed for pictures o’ naturelle while on vacation in Hawaii just last week, some twitter fans were not very happy and they just couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves about her armpits.

And so, a wave of hate poured in:

Of course the supporters of the armpit hair is ok movement had to give their two cents as well.  Because everyone needs to hear their side…right?

And we can’t forget the people Bella helped with her ‘underarm hair stand’.

“Be who you are, and that’s how I feel you are which made me learn to love me for who I am.”

Thorne isn’t the first woman to be harassed about taking photos with underarm hair. Gigi Hadid was on the hot seat for bearing her hairy armpits during a campaign with LOVE Magazine; but, people came to her defense too:

“For all of you women commenting rude words and hating on this: You are missing the main point of this campaign.

“While you’re thinking ‘shame on Gigi for not shaving her armpits and letting me see them on Instagram (omg I won’t sleep tonite)’ you should really feel ashamed of yourself for showing us yet again that unity and unconditional love and support between each other is far from happening until there are these social boundaries that really exist nowhere but in your minds.”

Although Thorne may not be getting all the love she wants, at least she knows millions are there to back her up.  The sooner everyone realizes that all human beings have body hair and have the choice to shave it or not,  the better off we will be.

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