Bill Cosby’s Wife Breaks Her Silence Regarding Husband’s Case And Nobody Saw It Coming

On June 17, beloved (and embattled) entertainer Bill Cosby was able to enjoy a moment of peace, as the lawsuit that had recently been filed against him in the wake of numerous rape allegations ended with a mistrial. The jury was unable to come to a united conclusion about the events that took place and while Cosby’s wife was silent during the trial, she released a statement after the verdict was reached.

hael Rozman/FilmMagic)[/caption]

Camille went on to blast the accusers, as well as the media, who were referred to being “blatantly vicious” and only interested in selling sensationalist stories to the public at the expense of her husband’s reputation. In her eyes, the case was a true injustice that needed to be righted immediately.

Gratitude was expressed to the jurors who believed in the power of the truth and the counselors who assisted the Cosby family during this trying time. A line in the sand has been drawn and Camille Cosby has made it abundantly clear which side of that line she finds herself on.

She sees this mistrial as a vindication and while she may feel as if they are finally out of the woods, experienced legal observers have been quick to point out that this ordeal is far from over. Gloria Allred is the victims’ rights attorney assigned to this case and she plans on retrying the case as soon as possible.

Do you think that a guilty verdict should have been rendered in this case or do you believe that Bill Cosby is an innocent victim? Be sure to share this story with your closest friends and family members so that you can start a dialogue of your own.

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