A blind man attached a GoPro to his guide dog and the results are horrifying

A blind man wanted to show the world the discrimination that he faced on a daily basis decided to use his guide dog and a GoPro to illuminate his struggle to the world. Amit Patel once worked as an A&E doctor and now relies on a guide dog in order to make his way around the city of London during rush hour.

He experienced a great deal of frustration on a daily basis and since he was unable to see it for himself, he needed to come up with a way to present it to the world at large. He had felt the sting associated with being pushed out of the way and hit with umbrellas for far too long.

People even treated his guide dog Kika in an abusive manner and in Amit’s mind, enough was enough. Once the video was taken, Amit’s wife Seema took a look at it in order to determine whether the abuse that he and his dog were experiencing was being done in a manner that is deliberate.

Amit is sure to let people know that he does not believe all people are inherently evil or biased against the blind. He says that 99 percent of his experiences have been positive and that 1 percent of the people he encounters display the type of rude arrogance that is on display in this clip.

There have been several heartbreaking moments for Amit, such as the time when a woman loudly complained about his guide dog and claimed that the animal had rabies. However, there are also good people in the world, like the man who helped Amit and Kika when they got off at the wrong train station and took them to the correct location.

Be sure to check out this informative video, so that you can see what Amit goes through on a daily basis when he is traveling in the London area. Please pass it along to your friends and family members as soon as possible, so that awareness can be raised.

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