Blind Stray Cat Stuns His Foster Mom When He Opens His Eyes Revealing Extremely Rare Eye Color

This story took place in southeast Florida and it is a prime example of what can happen when your heart is open to the idea of new love. One local resident was stunned to find a stray cat eating out of their cat’s bowl and once they took a closer look? It became obvious the cat was in dire need of help. Most would say that it is rather common for a stray animal to consume any food that they can find.

The stray cat must have been famished because the animal was eating like they had not had anything in weeks. The poor creature was barely even coming up for air. To make matters even worse, the animal had such a bad case of mage that her eyes had been swollen shut. How this animal was able to survive without having the ability to see is a complete and total mystery to us.

The man who came across this chat decided to take pity on her, though. Once he had lured the animal into a carrier, he asked his social media followers for assistance. Carmen Morales Weinberg is one of these online friends and when he saw the message, she knew that he would have to help out right away. As the founder of the Animal Friends Project rescue group, she had the necessary experience.

She brought the cat to the vet’s office to find out more about its condition. As it turns out, the animal was suffering from dehydration and undernourishment in addition to the mange. Even though the cat had been through quite a bit, he was still happy to make friends with his rescuers. They knew that he needed help and he was more than happy to accept it.

The cat was renamed Cotton and taken home with Carmen. From there, the animal was slowly nurtured back to health. As he began to recuperate, his hair grew back and he was eventually able to open his eyes for the first time in a long time. Once the eyes were finally opened, Carmen made an amazing discovery. Each of them were a different color!

Now that Cotton has a whole new lease on life, he is able to enjoy himself in ways that he never thought possible. We hope that others are able to emulate the actions of Carmen so that more animals who find themselves in the same position as Cotton can get assistance.

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