Boy Would Disappear Every Day, Then Curious Dad Follows Him & Learns Heartbreaking Reason Why

Sure, kids may not have the worldly experience that we do, but nine times out of ten, they’re far more likely to extend genuine kindness to those around them than their adult counterparts. There are plenty of videos and articles floating around online of children just being truly kind for the sake of it — not for a reward or recognition, but just because that’s what they’ve been taught is right. That’s what I love about children.

One child in the Phillippines recently displayed that level of kindness, but not without mystifying his father first! The dad of the nine-year-old noticed that each morning, his little one went missing. Dad knew he was going out for these little walks but he had no idea where the tot was going.

Without telling him, the curious father followed his son on one of his daily walks. That’s when he saw his child doing something that truly melted his heart.

As it turns out, the kind little one was feeding and showing affection to stray dogs in the community!

Sadly, the strays were completely terrified of humans by this point as many of them had been mistreated by cruel passersby. They also were dealing with some pretty serious cases of mange.

One little family of dogs, however, really took to the tiny caregiver. Dad was so taken aback by his son’s kindness that he hopped right in and started helping.

The child didn’t know it leading up to this point, but dealing with dogs that had mange required disinfection afterward, which Dad incorporated into their daily routine. Because they knew no one else would do it, they chose to tackle the mange problem themselves.

They went on to name their three new friends Blackie, Brownie, and the White Puppy. Blackie is believed to be the mother of the other two.

At the end of the day, the fact that this boy took time out of each morning to extend kindness to those in need speaks volumes about his character and the way his dad was raising him. Learn more about them in the video below!

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