Boy holds a stingray in his hands, then looks down into the bucket and can’t believe it


Stingrays might have a bad reputation, which is attributed to the fact that the word “sting” is right there in their name, but in reality, these are some of the most unique and wondrous creatures that you are ever going to come across in the wild.

They do not always receive their just dues, especially when compared to more widely known water animals such as sharks and whales and their flat appearance can cause them to be overlooked from both a literal and figurative standpoint. The stingray that you are about to meet had quite a surprise for these three boys, however.


One of the boys (who is appropriately named Maverick) lifted the stingray from a bucket of water. His father Mark stood close by and decided to film the scene that was taking place so that future audiences could see the magical event that was about to unfold.

Maverick and two of his buddies were able to share the moment together, making it even sweeter. While lifting a stingray and being filmed by your dad is already one of the more incredible things that a child can experience, what happened next made it even more amazing.

The boys were distracted by the magic of the moment and were not paying close attention when an even more shocking event started to take place. A tiny black blob slid out from underneath the stingray that Maverick was holding and plopped back down into the water.

This has to be one of the most uniquely enjoyable birthing videos that we have ever had the privilege of bearing witness to and we are more than happy to share it with our audience. If you loved this amazing clip as much as we did and want to share it with your friends and family members, be sure to post it on your Facebook wall as soon as possible.

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