Boy Sends Letter To Mom In Heaven. Crushed When It’s Caught in Trees, But Firemen Save The Day

This is a story that is bound to touch your heart and even the most jaded readers will find themselves struggling to maintain their composure. It all began this past Mother’s Day, when the Lakewood, Colorado fire department responded to a call. A little boy and his father were memorializing their late mother and wife when the most amazing thing happened.

Jess took his seven year old son Evan out into the backyard, where the objective was to send his mother a letter in Heaven. In memory of Kellie, who moved onto a better place back in February of 2014, they would write heartfelt letters before attaching them to a balloon and sending them skyward.

However, this particular instance did not go nearly as well, as the father and son were forced to watch in horror when the balloon and the notes got stuck in a tree. Jess chose to write a new letter, but this one had a different objective: he wanted the fire department to retrieve the lost balloons for his son.

When they received the request, they were more than happy to assist. When Evan came home from school that day, he was greeted by firemen and once it had been removed from the tree, he was also given the chance to spend time with the crew and hang out in their truck.

We are glad to see that this fire department was willing to step up and help a grieving little boy to move on from the untimely death of his beloved mother. Stories like these do not come around as often as we would like and when they do, it is in our best interests to spread the good word as far and as wide as possible.

Please be sure to pass along this heartwarming video to your friends and family as soon as possible, so that they will have the chance to appreciate the effort that these firefighters put in. We wish Evan and Jesse all of the best going forward and send them our deepest condolences for their loss.

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