Brave Dog Wrestles Leopard Trying To Snatch Her Baby

This story took place in an unlikely location. A bungalow in the Himalayas was the setting for one of the bravest things that we have ever seen in our lives. We cannot believe that this dog was willing to tangle with a leopard. The leopard thought that they had found a meal but this protective parent was having absolutely none of that. You will not believe your eyes when you see the footage!

A puppy was at the bungalow minding their own business when the unthinkable happened. A leopard happened to be sneaking around in the area and snatched the dog up by the back of the neck. In most instances, that would have been all she wrote for the poor pup. However, this leopard did not expect to have to deal with a mother who was willing to do whatever it took to protect her baby.

Once she realizes that the puppy is is danger, she charges toward the leopard immediately. The leopard realizes their mistake and drops the puppy before treating. This is not something that we expected to see in northern India. Unfortunately, these areas are full of predators who are willing to strike at a moment’s notice if they believe that there is an opportunity for them to obtain food.

They will often venture into human settlements for this reason. The leopard was also dealing with issues of its own. According to the wildlife officials in the area, the animal was unable to find food because it was nursing an injury to its left leg. The divisional forest officer who was on the scene came outside when they heard the sound of the fight.

The official was just in time to see the awesome scene that had unfolded. By the time they made their way towards the fight, this mother had already put a stop to the threat. The little puppy did sustain some minor injuries in the scuffle but is no worse for the wear. After talking a closer look at the security camera footage, it became obvious that the puppy’s brush with death was a rather close one.

What a brave and heroic mother this puppy has! If you would like to check out this puppy’s dance with death for yourself, please be sure to take a closer look at the video below. You will be stunned by what you see.

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