Brett Eldredge Singing To His Dog Is Absolutely Adorable

Brett Eldredge might be a country music superstar but his dog just may have been treated to his best performance. While the idea that this performance is his best might be arguable to some, it is definitely the most adorable by far. Brett and his dog are very good friends and it is clear to see why their connection is so strong. That’s what makes this music video a must see.

This album almost tastes as good as it sounds! Will you go get it on FRIDAY:)?

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Can you believe that Brett even sings his pal to sleep each night? We are not going to lie to you, we are just a tad bit jealous of this fact. Just imagine how amazing it would be to receive a personalized lullaby from THE Brett Eldredge every night. Once you click on the video and hear the song that was chosen for the dog to listen to, you will be squealing with delight.

“You Are My Sunshine” was his choice of song and it is certainly apt. Brett and her dog Edgar are each other’s sunshine. Luckily for us, Brett saw fit to post the clip on his Facebook page so that we would be able to watch it as often as we like. For those who simply cannot get enough of this performance, fear not. Brett posts these renditions on a regular basis.

Singin in the tub with @edgarboogie 🐥

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They are just one of the many benefits that are bestowed upon those who follow his Instagram page. Edgar has even started to become a star in his own right because of the attention that his owner has been given him. Brett had better watch out before Edgar tries to steal his spotlight! Edgar’s popularity has now grown to the point that he has his very own Instagram page.

Both accounts are well worth your follow, in our most humble of opinions. Edgar is a big fan of his dad’s catchy tunes and he loves them so much that he would even eat them if he could. What a silly pup. He also joins his dad for onstage performances and is an absolute natural. These two work hard and they play hard. They are an inspiration to us all.

Brett and Edgar are snatching up hearts all over the world and their exploits need to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible. We hope that they are ready and willing to keep these videos coming because we are hooked now.

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