Bride-To-Be Caught Her Fiancé Cheating With A Bridesmaid – Ended Up Getting Ultimate Revenge

One of the worse things that could happen to a bride to be is walking in on her future husband messing around with one of her bridesmaids/friend.  It’s hard to imagine how you would react to such a nightmare during a time that should be the happiest day of  your life.  This very thing is what makes daytime soaps so addicting, but in this case it happened in real life.

Even if that sounds like the worst possible thing in the world, it’s not even the beginning.  When one of the the other bridesmaids tweeted about the events that took place with the “cheater” the story will have you laughing out loud one minute and tearing up the next.


So now we have to know what happened…by the time you get to the end you will understand why it was important to include the disclaimer about having the bride’s permission to post all that is to follow.

Is this the script for a telenovela?  It seems like the writer’s had nothing and came up with a far out story line that can only happen on soap operas, but this was the poor bride’s life

We had to chuckle at “he’s not welcome ” of course he’s not (did he think he was?)  Changing the locks was one way to ensure he wasn’t getting in.

Plotting and scheming seems to be the best revenge. The time for tears will come later but for now first things first.

Well, now you have to know what happens….Hogwarts is involved and those two houses are the most dangerous houses in all of Hogwarts. Even more dangerous than the law degrees!


Just when you thought the craziness had reached it’s peak…all of this happens.

Paintballs?  Who has paintballs just lying around for emergencies?  Our other thought is who came up with “painballs”?

So that wasn’t even the ultimate craziness we were referring to…BOOM then this happens.



Apparently they had wedding plans of their own.  Sin City may have been the best place for them.

SMH this guy was supposed to be married but instead decided to run off with a bridesmaid to Las Vegas where the backstabbing couple live stream their shotgun ceremony.  What a bunch of losers!

Amen sister!  You should be thanking your lucky stars he did what he did.

Word of advise:  if you are going to 1) cheat on you bride to be with her best friend on her wedding day make sure you have everything that belongs to you because the S$%t is about to get real!

There goes all your worldly belongings.  But wait there is more!

Congratulations, cheater! You’re broke. Did he think this would end differently?  How did this guy think the situation was going to end? Oh and wait just one more thing!


Yes take all his belongings  and his money. But the icing on the revenge cake has to be the fact that now he can’t even finish his binge watching with his new bride.

The last update seems to be the best, he totally deserved everything he got.

Do you think these ladies served the right amount of justice or do you think they took it a little too far?


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