Bunny Abandoned By Owner Had Teeth So Long She Couldn’t Eat

Tusks’ owners grew tired of having a pet rabbit but they chose not to bring her to a shelter right away, instead they left her to her own devices.  She must have been ignored and neglected  for what appeared to have been quite some time.  When they finally surrendered Tusk her fur was completely matted and her front teeth had grown almost 3 inches.

The volunteers were shocked when Tusk was brought in their hearts were broken.  They could only think she had to be in so much pain.

“She was in a horrific state, we honestly don’t know how she was coping. Her teeth were so overgrown and tangled in matted fur, which meant eating was a huge challenge for her. In addition to this, her back end was so bad we were unable to confirm if she was a boy or a girl for a few days due to swelling and infection.” Cheryl O’Keefe, animal welfare administrator at the RSPCA Middlesex North West branch, said in a press release.

She was immediately taken to have a dental procedure done to fix her teeth and was given a bath and a haircut.  Tusk seemed to perk up after the care she received.

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