Burn survivor lets her boyfriend take off her wig and makeup so he could see her ‘true self’

Shalom Nchom is a burn survivor and like all survivors, she has one heck of a story to tell. She was left with scarring all over her body and she even lost her hair as a result of the injuries. Shalom relies on makeup and wigs to get through the day now. In an emotional video that she uploaded to YouTube, she finally allows her crush to see her without the wig and makeup.

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It is one of the more touching moments that you are ever going to get the chance to see. She uploaded the video so that she could show the world her true self. Shalom also hopes that the clip will provide others with the inspiration that they need in order to be themselves too. As someone who has been dealing with the aftermath of her injuries since the age of 9, she has become used to certain slings and arrows.

Her mother owns a grocery store in her native Nigeria. A pot of hot oil fell onto her and her sister and is responsible for her injuries. Her aunt brought her to the United States eventually but her harsh words were not a confidence booster for Shalom. She told her niece that she would probably struggle to find a good man because of the disfigurement that took place.

It took Shalom a long time to come to terms with her appearance and get over the bullying that she experienced. She is not the sort of person who backs down from a challenge, though. Shalom has a crush on another YouTuber by the name of J Cook. She thought that it might be good for their audiences to see him wiping off all of the makeup that she was using as a means of covering her scars.

As you may have expected, there were YouTube commentators who decided that they just had to let everyone know how rude they are by commenting on her scars. Some even said that no man would ever want to wake up next to her without her wig and makeup on. J Cook does not agree with these bullies and he says that he is honored to assist her with this process.

He even comments on how soft the scars feel to the touch. Shalom is happy that she faced her fear of letting her crush see her without her wig and makeup. Emboldened by her success, she is already setting her sights on her next challenge: heading outside without her wig on.

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