Caitlyn Jenner Set To Marry Student 47 Years Her Junior

Since the publication of her tell-all memoir, Caitlyn Jenner has been completely ostracized by the Kardashians. Her own children have even turned their backs on the 68-year-old former Olympian. One gal pal Cait has appeared to bond with is 21-year-old, Sophia Hutchins. The two trans women, according to Radar Online and the Hollywood Gossip are engaged.

The pair has yet to confirm their relationship or wedding plans. A bond between the two isn’t impossible to imagine. They’ve been inseparable for weeks, months even since they were seen vacationing in Mexico. Are things serious? Fans hope so.

Cait intends to marry the much younger Sophia. “They consider each other soulmates and freely admit they couldn’t imagine a life with anyone  else at this point.” as for the drastic age difference? It, “doesn’t seem to matter at all.”

The push toward the altar reportedly comes from Cait missing milestones in her former step-childrens lives. “Caitlyn would have loved to have helped Khloé through the tough time in the delivery room.”

Cait will never see her stepchild’s daughter, True Thompson. “But the Kardashians have kicked her out of the family.” So sad that Cait’s memoir destroyed all her ties with the Kardashians.

As for the supposed nuptuals, she has a wedding planner in charge of everything. The guest list will include close friends and family; no Kardashians though. “This is a dream come true for Cait because her rejection by the Kardashians — and even her own  daughters — had left her feeling isolated and suffering from a crippling depression. “Sophia has changed all that.”

Cait and Sophia have forged a strong bond. “She and Sophia have a lot in common.” Both are trans and politically conservative. this is in stark contrast to the broader trans community.

Whether the gossip is true or not, there are plenty of reasons for keeping this relationship secretive. Firstly, it’s no one’s business. Second, Sophia isn’t a celebrity. Could she be using Cait for boosting her own image? Third, many people will have something to say about Cait dating a woman younger than her own children. If they married, Sophia would be Stormi’s step-grandmother.

The only confirmation of this relationship came from social media when James Corden approved it on Instagram. It’s rumored though, that Cait and Sophia are living together. Of course, it all could be true. We might not learn of a relationship or wedding until after the fact. The summer season starts in June. That would be the perfect time for a wedding.

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