Can You Spot A Cat Among These Owls? It’s A Tougher Than You Think

Puzzles have a way of drawing in people of all ages. No matter how old we may get, we will always get a great deal of enjoyment out of these types of brain teasers. We need to keep our minds sharp and these challenges are a wonderful way to do just that. In some instances, a puzzle can require a certain amount of persistence that we cannot summon.

The hidden picture challenge in this story is a prime example of this. There is just one cat that is hidden among this group of owls and while it may seem easy enough to find the feline, there are a number of people who find themselves struggling. This puzzle has been passed around the Internet like hotcakes because of the inherent difficulty involved.

Working on puzzles can be a lot of fun but it also allows us to boost our brain power. Did you know that puzzle solving actually provides us with a great method for strengthening the connection between the brain’s cells? Puzzles also serve to increase the creation of new relationships between our brain’s cells and these are benefits that cannot be ignored.

Adults should never allow themselves to lose sight of the positive effects of puzzles. We need the opportunity to flex our trial and error muscles and learn more about ourselves. Our creative faculties do not always receive the necessary workout when we are working at our day jobs. As a result, our problem solving skills tend to wither away as we age.

In addition to the fun that comes with trying to solve a puzzle of this nature, we also receive a rush of endorphins once we are successful that cannot be matched anywhere else. The brain releases these endorphins when we experience mental breakthroughs. Be sure to take a closer look at the second puzzle once you have solved the first one.

Pete the Panda is also hard to find and the second puzzle serves as just as much of a test as the first. We do not wish to reveal the answers and you will just have to take a closer look to see for yourself. Don’t be shy about sharing these brain teasers with your closest friends and loved ones. They are sure to enjoy all of the fun that goes along with trying to figure out a puzzle that has baffled so many others.

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