Carriage horse collapses on the street after being pushed too hard – This happens to often


When we see carriage horses working hard, we do not always stop to consider the sheer physical toll that is being taken on their bodies. Horses were not made to serve humans in such a manner and while there are many people out there who enjoy carriage rides, it is high time that we began to think long and hard about the damage that we are doing to these majestic creatures.


Carriage rides are physically taxing and horses cannot always stand up to this type of punishment. If we are not careful, we will cause a number of innocent animals to perish before it is their time. While this story is a sad one, it serves as a valuable reminder that we are not as kind to animals as we should be.


The horse that you are about to meet in this clip was pushed to his absolute physical limit. Have you ever stopped to contemplate the fact that the average carriage horse is forced to work for as many as nine hours per day?


Unfortunately for this carriage horse, no one cared until it was far too late. Seeing the horse sprawled out on the ground is a difficult sight to take in, but it is also very necessary.


In addition to being forced into endless hours of taxing physical labor, carriage horses are also made to walk all the way back to their stables as soon as their shifts are over. The plight that these innocent animals are asked to endure is heartbreaking and it is our sincerest wish that they are freed from their lives of slavery.


Please pass this video along to your closest friends and family so that awareness can be raised about this urgent matter. After all, no animal should ever be asked to live like this.

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