Celine Hears “Queen” Song Start To Play, Bursts Into Tears When She Sees Who’s On Stage

Celine Dion is one of the biggest musical icons to ever set foot on a stage and as you may have guessed, it is not easy to impress her with a performance. When an artist is able to strike a chord with someone who is this talented, we would be silly not to sit up and take notice. Marc Martel is just such an artist. His recent performance for the singing superstar will almost certainly move you to tears.

This performance took place during Celine’s recent appearance on Radio-Canada TV. She makes a special request and from the looks of it, she is not actually expecting it to take place. Once Marc steps onto the stage and the familiar strains of “Somebody To Love” fill the room, it is clear to see that we are in for an incredible and emotionally moving performance.

He is not just a mere Freddie Mercury impersonator, though. He has far more to contribute than just a simple cover performance. Even Roger Taylor, the official drummer from Queen, has praised Martel’s performances. There is no doubt about it. This man’s voice sounds like a dead ringer for the one and only Freddie. If you close your eyes and listen, it is impossible to know the difference.

Marc’s music has allowed him to make his way through the ranks and receive invites to shows just like these. His rise to fame is well deserved. Celine’s emotional connection with the performance is a simple one. As someone who has also performed classic Queen songs and done them justice, she knows exactly what they are supposed to sound like.

Greatness always recognizes greatness. Even the most ardent Queen fans will be spellbound by this performance. If it is good enough to move Celine Dion to tears then it is definitely good enough for us. This is one artist that you are going to want to keep a close eye on in the months to come. Queen fans and Celine Dion fans will enjoy the performance below in equal measure.

In fact, those who love music of all kinds are going to want to check out this performance. This is one of the most incredible clips that we have ever seen and a performance like this one is going to live on for years to come. Once you have seen it for yourself, it is time to pass it along to all of the other music aficionados in your life.

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