Chinese Weather Woman Has Not Aged One Bit For 22 Years, And Here’s Proof

In the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, millions of women and men search for a store-bought fountain of youth. In fact, the anti-aging cosmetics market is a billion-dollar global industry, since there are thousands of lotions and potions on the market that claim to stop and even reverse the signs of aging. Sadly, most of it is just marketing nonsense with few results to back it up.

That said, there are treatments like the use of Retin-A and cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers and facelifts that can, in fact, slow down the hands of time and work wonders on the skin. (Also, people, use your sunscreen!) Sun protection and any combination of the previously mentioned treatments can help stave off the effects of time for just about anyone.

And one Chinese weather woman must be up to something good because she hasn’t aged in 22 years! Yang Dan is a 44-year-old meteorologist working in China and viewers have long been captivated by her good looks and the fact that she seemingly does not age. A video on Chinese social media recently went viral, showing a 22-year progression of her career with nary a wrinkle or fold in sight.

She looks amazing and there’s no denying it. The video was originally shared on International Women’s Day to celebrate her long-standing career and her status as a fixture in her community. People were quick to notice her ageless air, however, and that’s what sent the video into the viral space. She’s now being called an “ageless goddess” by viewers and when you see the photos, you’ll totally understand why.

Is it just me, or is she getting younger? See for yourself down below.

Okay, Yang Dan. Tell us your secret! If you ask me, it doesn’t just look like she hasn’t aged. It looks like she has aged in reverse! Side note: Fashion really has come a long way since the ’90s, don’t you agree?

Check out the video below to see her in action!

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