Comic Artist Illustrates Humorous and Heartwarming Moments with His Wife

Yehuda Adi Devir creates wonderfully hilarious comics about his everyday life with his wife Maya. She offers him all of the inspiration that he needs to create relatable tales for his readers and you should be sure to read on to check out some of our personal favorites.

Women are constitutionally incapable of having warm feet and this comic definitely proves that point.

While women can never seem to have warm feet, they are more than capable of enjoying showers that would burn any normal man alive.

Women have the magic touch, though, and all men can relate to that moment when you fall asleep on top of her.

If you’ve ever had that moment when she wanted to play when you needed to get ready for work, this one’s for you.

He’s struggling to handle a simple task and she’s got all the important stuff mastered. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Having a wife who can scare off all of the roaches is very crucial and we are jealous of the guy in this comic for sure.

Every man has to chip in and do their path around the house, even when she creates more dishes than we know what to do with.

She’s got no problem showing off her beach body, but this poor husband definitely has other ideas when it comes to matters such as these.

He’s all ready to go out and she is taking her sweet time. This probably isn’t a familiar scene to any of us, now is it?

If you’ve ever taken your special lady to an action flick, this comic is going to hit you right in the funny bone. We cannot stop laughing at this visual.

Did you find yourself relating to these more than expected? If so, please pass these relatable and hilarious comics along to all of your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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