Cops Wouldn’t Arrest Teen Daughter’s Stalker So Dad Hides Camera And Captures Chilling Footage

How far would you go to ensure the safety of your children? Many parents understand that it is their responsibility to protect their children and to keep them from harm. Some of these dangers are easy to spot but others may be hiding under the surface. Some of them may even be online, but we’re still concerned about the health and welfare of our children.

This is something that happened to an Oklahoma father and he understands the lesson all too well. His 15-year-old daughter alerted him to a potential problem on the Internet. He then stepped up to the plate and did his part to keep her safe. At the same time, he teaches many parents a lesson that they will never forget.

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This father found out about an online predator that had been stalking his daughter. How would you feel if you discovered something like this was happening to your little girl? He was concerned that the man was getting closer and was finding out more about his daughter so he decided to set something up that you are really going to appreciate.

It wasn’t only the fact that he wanted to capture something on video, he actually wanted to capture the stalker in his tracks. He wanted to save his daughter from harm and at the same time, he wanted to save all other little girls that may become his prey as well.

The stalker had been talking to her on social media and sending both unwanted and inappropriate pictures. His messages were explicit and they showed the fact that he really wanted to take things to the next level.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The father was using the app known as FamilyTime. It alerted him to the fact that something was going wrong. The app allowed him to monitor her cell phone usage and when he discovered what was taking place, he went straight to the police. The problem is, the police weren’t going to do anything until he was actually caught stalking.

Although they provided his name and the details of the story, the police weren’t going to help. That is when this father decided he was going to escalate things to the next level. He set up a tent and a night vision camera in the backyard. Essentially, he was setting a trap!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Before long, the security footage showed that something very bad was going on. The predator, Jeremy Dewayne Gibson, not only took the bait but he took it, hook, line and sinker. There was a woman waiting in the tent but it wasn’t his teenage daughter. The father and two other men were actually nearby and they were ready to jump into action.

Everything was caught on the night vision camera and a little bit of vigilante justice took place that evening. It almost looks like a scene out of a scary movie but it wasn’t just scary, it was real. A representative from the city police said they almost had a professional operation set up and it was executed perfectly.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Are you ready to see some vigilante justice in action? Check out this video:

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