Couple Is Offering Jaw-Dropping Salary For A Nanny, But There’s Just One Catch

We’ve all had those funny conversations with our friends about the type of work that we would do if the price were right. While this is something that you’ve probably joked around about, this story will put your feelings about these matters to the test.

The couple in this story has moved into a home that is located in the Scottish Borders and while they were informed that the place was haunted upon arrival, they shrugged it off and decided that they would simply move in anyway. As you can imagine, they are regretting this decision now.

They would soon start a family and since their jobs are quite busy, requiring them to spend a lot of time away from home, they are left searching for the proper nanny. No nanny has been willing to remain employed by the family, as there have been reports of moving furniture, broken glass and strange noises.

Within the past twelve months alone, the family has gone through a whopping five nannies. Even though the homeowners have yet to experience any sort of incident themselves and no one has been hurt, this has not stopped nannies from fleeing the premises en masse.

The family is now offering a salary of over $60,000 and a generous package that includes plentiful vacation days. All the nanny must do in return is handle basic childcare duties (such as assisting them with their homework and picking them up from school each day), but there are few takers so far.

According to one online poll, at least 80 percent of respondents said that they would be more than willing to take their chances. Be sure to pass this incredible story along, so that you can find out more about who among your social circle would have the guts to give this job a try.

Source: ABC News

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