Couple spent 100 days in the hospital while their newborn was trapped in an ‘oven’ bag

Australian Lilly Munro and her fiancé Brodie Moles were excitedly awaiting the birth of their son Lennox. But in her 24th week of pregnancy, Lilly began to feel unwell and knew that something was definitely wrong. She went to the doctor to find out what it was. During an ultrasound examination, her doctor suddenly turned pale — Lily’s unborn child was suffering from heart complications and birth had to be induced immediately.


Lily and Brodie rushed to the hospital, both extremely worried. They had been told that at this stage of pregnancy, their baby’s chance of survival was only 50%. At the time of his birth, little Lennox weighed only 800 grams.


To increase his chances of survival, the doctors wrapped Lennox in a special type of plastic wrap that reminded Lilly of an oven bag.


Doctors assured the couple that this type of treatment is standard procedure in cases like these and necessary to prevent Lennox from cooling down too much before being placed in an incubator. This is because babies born so premature cannot regulate their own body temperatures. Afterwards the little boy was connected to a vast array of hoses and tubes, a sight that Lilly could only describe as a “quite confronting image…”


But Lennox was in good hands with these doctors. He needed a lot of care and remained in the hospital for 111 days, but he was constantly growing and getting stronger the whole time.


Unfortunately, Lilly and Brodie were still facing some very tough challenges. They traveled back and forth from home to the hospital to be with Lennox every day and still had Lilly’s three other children to take care of. The stress of the situation eventually took its toll and Lilly was no longer able to work. She already had enough to do supplying little Lennox with breast milk every two hours. This milk was crucial for his survival because it not only nourished him, it also strengthened his immune system. Brodie took over responsibilities at home and took care of her other children but both parents still managed to spend every spare minute at the hospital to support Lennox in his fight for survival. The young couple couldn’t stay overnight with Lennox because the hospital system was so financially stretched.


Things were financially touch-and-go with the young couple as well. When it got to the point that Lily and Brodie could no longer pay their bills, they began to get really worried. They knew they had to do something and decided to share their story on the internet. People around the world responded and soon the family began receiving help from very unexpected places. After only one month, anonymous donations reached over $5,000. The family was extremely grateful for all the help, but they also wanted to acknowledge the talented medical professionals who cared for their son. As Lilly put it, “These doctors are above and beyond… The nurses in here are amazing.”


Lennox survived and for Lilly and Brodie, he is their “miracle baby.” His brothers and sisters are also quite impressed with the little fighter.


Lennox is a miracle baby! Check out the full video below to learn more about the families story and make sure to SHARE it with your friends on Facebook:

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