Crafter Places All His Crayons In The Oven – Watch What He Makes After He Pulls Them Out

Parents who have small children at home will typically have more crayons than they know what to do with. While our children are sure to love them, the parents who are forced to clean up after their messes usually aren’t as enthralled. What many parents do not know is that the crayons can be used for DIY projects that are truly amazing and astounding.

Peter Brown is a professional crafter. Most of us would not associate the use of crayons with a professional craftsman like Peter, but he is here to challenge our usual norms. In order to get started with his project, the crayons will need to be frozen for a bit. This allows Peter to remove the paper far more easily and avoid spending a great deal of time on this simple step.

Once the labels are removed, a cake pan is needed. A few hundred crayons will be required if you are looking to successfully fill up the entire space. The crayons also need to be laid down tip side up. If you would like to ensure that your finished product looks as cool as it possibly can, then you are going to need to group all of the most similar colors together.

The pan is then placed inside of the oven that has been preheated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives the wax enough time to become completely solidified. Don’t remove the wax from the oven before it has had a chance to completely cool off first. From there, all it takes is a hard knock or two to the pan’s bottom to produce an amazing cube.

Seeing the finished product makes us wonder how in the world this man even came up with the idea. We are not going to ruin the surprise of what this cube eventually becomes. A wood lathe and a band saw are involved, so you will definitely want to take a closer look at the clip below and find out more about this incredible project.

After you have had the chance to take in this spellbinding video for yourself, please pass it along. Your friends and family members are not going to be able to believe what they have seen either. This is one masterpiece that we wish we could prominently display in our own home. A special shout out to Peter for making this possible.

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