Creative Moms Turn Their Kids Into Jack And Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Missy Mackintosh and Camilla Courts are two mothers who had a rather creative idea and they were not scared to share it with the rest of the world. Missy is a makeup artist. Camilla is a photographer. They were able to bring their unique talents together and create a photo shoot that we will not soon forget. Nightmare Before Christmas fans everywhere are sure to love this one.

Evan is Missy’s son and Layla is Camilla’s daughter. These two were more than happy to serve as the subjects from this photo shoot and we love them for it. Layla and Camilla are no strangers to these types of photo shoots, though. They regularly engage in Disney cosplay and their shoots are typically inspired by Disney films. Camilla even likes to dress up in full Disney villain costumes.

Missy has become the artist that they keep on speed dial for these fun shoots. The looks that they create together may seem evil. However, they maintain a sense of whimsical enthusiasm that cannot be matched elsewhere. The Lady Hades shoot is a personal favorite of ours and we cannot wait to see what else this dynamic duo (and their parents) has cooked up.

The level of attention to detail that takes place in these photos is a sight to behold. It is as if they have paused the films that they are based on and re-created the images in the most complete manner possible. We are fortunate enough to be granted access to these images and now these families are providing us with a peek behind the curtain, so to speak.

For those who wish to find out more about how their new Nightmare Before Christmas shoot went, this video offers an interesting perspective. While there are some who believe that these shoots are easy to put together, this video will provide much needed evidence to the contrary. It is great to see these mothers coming together to provide us with good, clean holiday entertainment.

Once you have had the chance to appreciate this clip for yourself, take a moment to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. Don’t forget to pass this along to all of the Nightmare Before Christmas lovers in your life. This photo shoot definitely does the proper justice to an American cinematic classic. Try not to get too scared!

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