Cruel Woman Who Baked Her Puppy To Death In The Oven, Walks Free

There are some stories that simply defy all logic. We cannot fathom the idea of being cruel to an innocent animal. Even if you are not someone who considers yourself to be a lover of animals, how can you ever cause harm to them? They are innocent creatures who don’t do anything to deserve the abuse that they receive. This story is particularly appalling in that regard.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people believe that they can get away with hurting animals. This is because they are usually able to! The law is not always able to levy the proper punishment and in many instances, those who abuse animals are able to escape with a relatively light punishment. Kinny Redmon is just such a person and we cannot believe that she is real.

The way that she decided to treat an innocent dog is beyond appalling. Simple words like this one cannot describe our shock and rage at what she has done. Back in 2015, she decided to settle an argument with her former partner by taking his dog away from him. She was not content to simply hide the dog or try to lose him somewhere out in the wilderness.

These tactics would have been preferable to the one she chose, if you can believe that. She took the dog and baked him in a hot oven until he passed away. Her boyfriend Dimarrio had left for work after an argument and this is how she decided to retaliate. This deranged woman even sent Dimarrio a message about coming home to get his dog out of the oven.

When Dimarrio got back home, he was greeted by an utterly horrifying scene. The dog was dead inside of the oven and Kinny had pushed a chair against the door so he couldn’t get out. Kinny should have been given a lengthy sentence for this type of behavior. She was asked to receive counseling and got all of one year’s probation as a punishment.

She didn’t show up for her probation or the court ordered counseling. The case was taken to trial and she was eventually acquitted. We are not sure why the jury saw fit to do such a thing. Please share this story to raise awareness about this woman’s awful actions. Law enforcement officials everywhere need to stop letting these types of monsters off the hook.


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