Cyclist Discover Scared Cow Stuck In A Tree And Rush To Save Her

Do you call yourself an animal lover? You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals.  People with tender souls treat animals with love and respect and that’s exactly what happened when these cyclists did when they seen this cow in a bad way.

These men instinctively jumped off their bikes and ran to help.  The cow had her head stuck between to large branches and couldn’t get free.

How could they get this massive cow out of this tight spot?

With some careful thought, because we all know if you rush in things could have become even worse for them and the cow.  They would need to be patient and take care in moving the branches to free her from this disaster.

First they tried moving her head back and forth to free her from the branches. The cow just became even more agitated then she already was.

They weren’t about to give up yet!

The next solution was to push her head back through the opening hopefully this would be the remedy that would allow her to become loose.

After a few moments of pushing and pulling, she finally slipped her head through the branches.  And just like a bolt of lighting she was gone.

Without these men and their efforts this cow could’ve easily been stuck there till who knows when. We need more people that are willing to stop and help animals (or people) in need.

Watch the heroic rescue in the video below.

Cyclists Save Cow Stuck In Tree

These guys were biking through a field when they saw a cow who'd gotten her head stuck in a tree and couldn't move. At first it seemed hopeless, but they were determined to get her out of there 🐮💞💞💞

Posted by The Dodo on Friday, December 1, 2017

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