Dad Brings Pup Home From Groomer, Then Son Realizes It’s The Wrong Dog

Twitter user @Pineappl3pizza, or Alex, likely wouldn’t have any problem picking out his Maltese in a crowd of almost identical dogs. But as he describes to Love What Matters, his hilarious dad can’t exactly say the same. You see, Alex’s dad recently dropped off their pup at PetSmart for a grooming appointment, and when he returned to pick her up, he grabbed the wrong dog.

“He went to go pick her up and there was actually two Malteses getting ready to be picked up,” Alex explained. “The lady at the front thought there was only one so she handed him the first one she saw.”

“My dad said that he didn’t notice any difference because the dog acted like it was his. She even jumped in the car when he opened the door. When he got home my brother and I noticed the dog was slightly bigger and had tear stains which ours doesn’t (clearly my dad doesn’t pay attention to detail). ”

Funnily enough, the strange dog didn’t seem to care, as the nugget made herself right at home.

“When we told him that wasn’t our dog he thought we were messing with him but after like a minute or so of carefully examining her he noticed too.”

“After we told him to take the dog back he said, ‘I have to fix this before your mom gets home’ and then went to take her back and get our real dog back.” And to make absolutely sure he brought home the right dog this time, he sent his son a photo.

Something tells me that pup isn’t very happy about being left behind. That look of betrayal cannot be mistaken, unlike her identity, apparently. Here’s hoping Dad pays a little more attention the next time he takes his pup to get groomed.

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