Dad finds abandoned bear cub sleeping with his dog, the two become best friends


The best thing about friendships is that they tend to come about when we least expect them to and when they do, they change our lives and challenge all of our preconceived notions. While the animals in this story would not be considered friends under most circumstances, their differences have brought them closer together.

The Slovenian family in this story was able to find a new friend under the most bizarre circumstances, as they discovered a bear cub sleeping next to their beloved dog. Best of all, they did not have the sort of response that most would expect in a scenario like this one.


When the baby bear cub arrived on the scene, they were unsure if he would have the chance to make it, as he had lost a great deal of weight and was looking dangerously skinny. They left him to his own devices initially, expecting a mother bear to come and collect her child soon enough.

She never came back for her little one and as a result, the family felt responsible for his future well being. Much like any other animal in his situation, he had been abandoned and was in need of assistance in order to survive.


The bear is now known as Lucky and he has become a part of the family, despite any misgivings that readers might have about this concept. He has been taken in and accepted, despite his many differences, but unfortunately, this was not the end of his story.

To find out more about what happened to Lucky, be sure to watch this clip in its full entirety. While it is sad to say that there was a great deal of dispute about whether this family should be allowed to keep a bear cub in the home, his adorable story still needs to be shared with all of your friends on Facebook.

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