Dad Makes His Son Run To School For Being A Bully, But Some Think He’s Being Too Harsh

Parents — if you found out your child was a bully, how would you react? And if they got in trouble at school for it, how would you punish them, if at all? One dad is proud of the consequences he set for his son’s actions, but some say he was being way too harsh.

When Bryan Thornhill’s ten-year-old son refused to stop bullying his fellow students during the bus ride to school, he was kicked off and banned for a few days. But rather than drive the boy to school during that period of time, Thornhill came up with an unpleasant yet surprisingly effective punishment.

Facebook / Bryan Thornhill

“It was a no-brainer for me: Your son is kicked off the bus, so do you drive him to school? No — that’s a treat. That wasn’t an option,” he told The Washington Post. Instead, he made his son run the mile to school, filming behind him in the car as he made his way through the rain.

Good Parenting

Great job Dad… (Bryan Thornhill)

Posted by WarriorCode on Saturday, March 3, 2018

“Ironically, since he’s been running to school this week, his behavior’s been much better. Teachers have approved of his behavior this week. He hasn’t gotten in trouble this week, where last week, he was just absolutely out of his mind,” Thornhill said. However, after sharing the video on social media, he’s gotten mixed opinions about his parenting.

“OUTSTANDING JOB we need more parents like this then we won’t have so many thugs and snowflakes running around,” one man commented.

“I think his problem comes from the father. Poor boy. I can’t stand you, and I don’t even know you! Something is wrong in your household,” another woman wrote.

Personally, I don’t see the harm in Thornhill’s son getting some exercise before school. After all, he’s only running a mile, not ten. What do you think about this unique punishment?

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