Dad Steals Mic During Speech. Bride And Groom Are Stunned When He Reveals A Wedding Secret

Speaking before a crowd of people can be a nerve-wracking experience. You have the full attention of the entire room, and you can feel it. But this father of the bride wasn’t concerned. The love for his daughter and son-in-law is evident as he gives his speech.

Patrina and Charlie met in high school where they remained friends. They graduated and went their separate ways. They happened to run into each other in London – yes that London and they began dating. Patrina got a part in a theater production that required her to tour across the country. This meant she and Charlie would be apart for a year.

After Patrina’s job ended, they were reunited. The happy couple got married in October of 2017.

At the wedding reception after their first dance as man and wife, it was then Patrina’s doting Dad’s turn to toast the happy pair. As wedding guests and the bride and groom looked on, he recounted a true story; while on vacation with Patrina, they met a married couple at a nearby table who were celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Since his daughter was getting married soon, he asked the married couple a specific question: “If you were able to change one  thing about your wedding, what would it be?” “I wish it could’ve lasted two days,” the woman replied.

The bride’s father continued the story for the enthralled guests. “When you rephrase  that, what she said was, ‘I wish it could last one day more.’

“With that, Dad queued the music  – and a confused Charlie and Patrina realized something incredible was afoot.

Patrina’s father reached out to his daughter’s theater friends and put together a surprise no one could’ve predicted. You’ll just need to watch the adorable video below to see for yourself.

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