Dad Takes Photo Of Matthew Broderick With His Daughter, Notices A Mistake After Looking Closer

Whenever we see a celebrity walking on the street, most of us stop them to take a selfie to post on our social accounts. But could you imagine being this guy? A man who goes by the name @HonoredSpirit on Twitter tells the hilarious story about the time he took a photo of his daughter with Matthew Broderick.

This story is the FAIL of all FAILS if you asked us…

Initially, the man was so starstruck by Broderick that he ailed to realize that their was another (most would think even more) famous celebrity standing right beside him.

“A few years ago a friend of mine took his family out to Montauk on vacation and had stopped at a little store to get snacks, etc, and who do they see but that Star of Stage and Screen, Matthew Broderick.

…also in the store with a friend. So my friend politely asks Broderick if he will take a photo with his daughter. Broderick gallantly obliges, but this is a once in a lifetime photo and he wants it to be just right…

…so he asks Broderick’s friend to kind of move to the side a bit out of frame, and he moves a bit. And my friend says, just a little more, a little more, keeps doing the nudging motion with his hand. Lots of nudging. Okay he wont move any farther, fine, we can crop him out…

…and they take the picture and go back to the car all big grins to the rest of the family, who all shout in unison WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

Most people made jokes on Twitter, but this was the best one:

Source: Honored Spirit

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