Dad tells new puppy he looks handsome, has the cutest response


While some of us might believe that our dogs cannot understand what we have told them when we give them compliments, these animals are much smarter than you may have realized and they have the ability to decipher many of the things that we say to them on an everyday basis.

Take the adorable pup that you are about to meet in this video, for instance. His dad, Sean Sarantos, clearly loves him to pieces and the two have developed a very special bond as a result. Stinky Linky the dog has recently been given a bandanna by his loving father and while you might think he looks adorable in it, there is just one opinion that truly matters to him.


When Sean asks Stinky Linky if he likes his bandanna, the pup’s response is absolutely priceless. He just doesn’t seem to know how to answer the question properly and he resorts to simply licking his father’s face and barking as a result.

Even when Sean tries to tell Stinky Linky that he looks very handsome, the dog does not know how to react and you will have to watch this video in its full entirety to see what response he had to his father’s attempt at kindness.


After all, who can blame this cute little pup for not having the exact reaction that we expected him to? All we know is that him and Sean have forged a great connection with one another and they hang out with each other just like old friends.

If you enjoyed this hilarious clip as much as we did, then be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and family members on Facebook and Twitter, so that they can appreciate the hilarious relationship between Sean and the one and only Stinky Linky.

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