Dad Turned In His Daughter After Finding Her Journal With Plans For Mass High School Shooting

As parents, you try to do your best for your children. Instilling them with strong values, knowing right from wrong, good from bad. You hope when faced with opposing viewpoints, they’ll make the right decision instead of heading down another path.

Some kids though, are behind schemes and plans to cause immense devastation and harm to those around them. It’s unthinkable what it must be like for parents faced with this horrific truth, that their child has planned a mass shooting or deadly event that could harm or kill many innocent people.

One father from Frederick County, Maryland was challenged last year when he found his 18-year-old daughter’s journal detailing a terrible event she had planned to carry out at her high school less than a month from when he discovered her diary.

The father realized his daughter, Nicole Cevario was dangerous. He read the evidence in her journal that she had a shotgun with extra ammo, materials for making a bomb, the school’s map for its emergency plan and detailed plans for carrying out a mass shooting at Catoctin High School. The expected date for the tragic attack was April 5, 2017.

The county sheriff said by turning in his daughter, this parent avoided a crisis of massive proportions. After searching the home, police found Nicole’s journal, a shotgun, ammo, pipes, shrapnel, fireworks, and other bombing materials. Nicole was taken out of class on March 23rd and sent to Frederick Memorial Hospital for mental evaluation.

After her release, she was charged and arrested for possession of explosive materials and the intent to make a bomb.

My heart goes out to Nicole’s father. He did the right thing, but coming to that decision couldn’t have been easy. He was faced with something no human being or parent never dreams of. I’d have questions for my child. Why would you want to cause such harm? What is behind your anger? This would create so many unanswered questions than answers. Coping with this truth is another issue altogether.

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