Deliveryman Finds Strange Dog Hiding In His Truck, Then Spots Note On His Collar

One upon a time, there was a sweet golden retriever who looked forward to seeing the UPS delivery man every day. You see, every time the kind man would visit the dog’s house, he’d bring a tasty biscuit for him.

But one day, the delivery man forgot to bring the pup a treat. Mr. Golden Retriever was displeased to say the least, so while the man was busy delivering a package, he jumped into the back of his truck and took a little joyride around the neighborhood.

The delivery man eventually noticed the stowaway and brought him back to his owner, who thought the whole thing was hilarious. He couldn’t keep the funny story to himself, so he put a note around his dog’s neck, snapped a photo, and shared it on Reddit.

Reddit / dickfromaccounting

Other Redditors had hilarious stories of their own pets going the extra mile to get treats — or to just spend time with their favorite delivery men:

“I used to work on a farm and the farm cat was notorious for doing this, not only to the ups guy but anyone who left their window open.

Edit: ups did not have cat cookies”

— kharasmatic

“My old cat tried to get into the school bus once. It wasn’t some cute Lassie-moment where he was determined to follow his owner. I wasn’t even there, he just really liked people.”

— CrankyCrow

“I had a goat do this once. She had a passion for eating paper, boxes. Chewing labels off of cardboard boxes was a personal favorite of hers. Our regular UPS and FexEx guys knew about her, and the fact that she was free range, but one day, we had a sub driver. I was in a second-floor office, watched the Fed Ex guy hop out the front door, throw open the back, and while he brought in the package, the goat darted out from her pen and into the back of the truck. He came out, pulled the door down, and got in and drove off as I watched in horror. He got about 200 feet out our driveway before I saw him slam on the brakes and a goat come skittering out. I have no idea how many labels she managed to rip of during her tenure in the FedEx truck. I imagine it wasn’t pretty!”

— Pangwiny

Let this be a lesson to all who deliver packages: never forget to bring treats for neighborhood pets!

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