Disabled Dog Survives Five Nights In The Minnesota Snow

This is one of the coldest winters that the United States has ever experienced. As a result of these temperatures, animals are being made to suffer at a greater rate than ever before. Tragic accidents are inevitable during this time of year as well. While there are a number of animals who have experienced difficulties as a result of their conditions, this is the story of one dog who was able to triumph over adversity.

Buddy is from Minnesota and this 13 year old pup has been through a horrific ordeal. The blind and cancer stricken dog may not have seemed long for this world before but now we are convinced that this pup is going to live forever. His owner Patsy allowed him to go outside one night and when he did not come back, she naturally assumed that the worst case scenario had taken place.

Typically, Buddy will head down into the woods to do his business and come back before too much time has passed. He did not return and he did not respond to the calls from his concerned owner. The weather continued to worsen over the next few days and Patsy feared that he would never come home. After all, the chances of an animal surviving in these conditions is slim to none.

Emily is Patsy’s neighbor and she played an unexpected role in the story. She was on vacation when Buddy first vanished. Her home has a spare bedroom and while she hardly ever enters it, something told her to do so after she had returned. Buddy was hiding in the window well and he was extremely lethargic after his prolonged battle with the elements.

The chances of an old and blind dog surviving for this long during a harsh Minnesota winter were very low. Buddy’s ability to make it through this challenge and return home will definitely surprise even the most skeptical readers. We are happy to report that Buddy is back home now and he is spending as much as time as possible in front of the fireplace.

Buddy was not about to let himself die out there in the cold. This story may have had a happy ending. However, we all need to be taking the time and effort to share this story with the pet owners in our life. We should all be taking the proper steps to safeguard our pets from the cold.

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