Distraught Dog Owner Is Ordered To Behead His Own Dog Or Face Arrest From Georgia Sheriff

On December 1, 2017, Joe Nathan Goodwin, a dog dad from Georgia, found himself in a nightmare of a situation. According to Crawford County Sheriff Lewis Walker, a Sheriff’s deputy was responding to a report that Goodwin’s dog, Big Boy, had bitten a neighbor that afternoon.

After arriving at Goodwin’s home, the deputy shot Big Boy, claiming the dog had charged at him. Not long after, Goodwin’s girlfriend, Natasha Dakon, called him at work to let him know what had happened.

Facebook / Natasha Dakon

When Goodwin got home, he was absolutely heartbroken to see that his beloved dog was dead on the ground. Distressing as the situation already was, things only got worse from there.

Facebook / Natasha Dakon

Investigator James Hollis arrived on the scene after Goodwin. What he ordered the grieving man to do was nothing short of horrifying. Hollis told Goodwin he’d need to cut his dog’s head off so it could be sent off for rabies testing. While dead animals that have been diagnosed with the disease do have their brains sent for testing as part of a standard protocol, asking owners to decapitate their own pets definitely isn’t.

Goodwin refused to do so, stating Big Boy had already been vaccinated against the disease. Hollis either didn’t care or didn’t believe him, because he wouldn’t back down. That’s when Goodwin started recording the video below, in which Hollis can be heard asking, “We asked you to cut — remove the dog’s head, and you’re refusing, right?”

I don’t know why Facebook will only let me load so much of the video but here is more listen to the very end the deputy told me he used to be animal control and he should have known proper procedures

Posted by Joe Nathan Goodwin on Sunday, December 3, 2017

The argument escalated when Hollis then threatened to arrest Goodwin if he didn’t comply. Under the threat of arrest, Goodwin felt he had no other choice and eventually cut Big Boy’s head off with a kitchen knife his girlfriend provided. If that wasn’t disturbing enough, he was ordered to freeze the dog’s head before taking it to the health department in Roberta.

I was done wrong please share

Posted by Joe Nathan Goodwin on Saturday, December 2, 2017

“I don’t think anyone should be forced to do what I had to do to their own animal,” he told 13WMAZ. “I am sick to my stomach.” He adds that he and his children have been traumatized by the December event.

Sheriff Walker says the incident is still under investigation, but adds “that shouldn’t have been done on the scene. We would not transfer an animal in that situation. That’s up to the health department. We would respond, and we would notify them.”

Hollis was reportedly placed on administrative leave the same month the incident occurred. Rest in peace, Big Boy.

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