Disturbing Signs Someone Close To You Is About To Pass Away

1. You Smell Them: One of the most common ways our loved ones are felt from beyond the grave is through scent. Our sense of smell is directly connected to our hippocampus, the area of the brain dedicated to memories.

Scents are the strongest in bringing about memory recall as well as in connecting with others. You may smell your grandma’s perfume, grandpa’s pipe tobacco or a friend’s deodorant.

Don’t be scared, just know they are near and looking out for you!


2. They Appear In Your Dreams: Another common way spirits try to connect with us is through our dreams. Our subconscious minds are more open and accessible to the spirit realm while we are asleep, making it the perfect time for our deceased loved ones to get in touch with us.

The dream will usually seem more realistic than fictional, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an important message to be heard.


3. Your Items Go Missing: We all know the feeling, when you swear you left your keys right by the front door. Or that pair of socks you just had a minute ago has suddenly vanished into thin air.

It can be annoying and downright maddening! But don’t get upset, it could just be the spirit of a close family member or friend getting their kicks. They like to joke around too, ya know, think of it as endearing, rather than frustrating.


4.Unusual Thoughts: Feeling like your thoughts have all of a sudden been hijacked? Like that voice inside your head is actually someone else’s? Don’t fret it could just be a spirit friend trying to get your attention.

Just take a moment to examine these foreign thoughts. Be open to the messages and notice any relevance to your current life situation.


5. Signs At The Funeral: We’ve all wondered at some point what it would be like to attend our own funeral. Well, according to famous clairvoyant and spiritual medium, our spirits do just this. Often times they will even try to comfort and console their loved ones.

Amidst the grief and sadness, it can be hard to pick up on the signs, but next time you find yourself in mourning keep yourself open to these subtleties.


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