Doctor Shares Brilliant Method To Immediately Relax A Fussy Or Crying Baby In 30 Seconds

Babies are sweet, adorable and they smell so good, but the one thing babies do is cry ALOT!  Many parents find this out early when they become parents. Many people would say that it’s the worst sound in the world, but that’s the way it’s suppose to be.  The high pitched wailing is almost impossible to ignore.

Since babies are unable to care for themselves the alarming cry is intentional.  Whenever the baby need food, in need of a diaper change or is just tired the only thing they can do is cry for help.

The sound of a baby crying is to get the parents’ attention.  Especially the mother!  I’ve heard it said that a new mom can hear her baby crying in the next room while dad lays in bed snoring.  A mother and baby have a bond that makes it impossible for mom to sleep through the crying of her child.   This is great for survival but when it’s 2 am and you need to be to work in 4 hours it can be a nightmare.

From the time their baby is born the goal is to get “the baby” to stop crying.  In some cases it might feel like the only thing that would make this happen is nothing short of a miracle.  Help is on the way, Dr. Robert Hamilton has devised a way to get all babies to stop crying.  During one session the technique worked almost instantly.

Dr. Hamilton is located in Santa Monica, California, and he works with a lot of babies on a daily basis.

“When I examine the child in the hospital or here in my office I frequently make them cry,” Dr. Hamilton explained. “Over the years I’ve been able to really perfect this method of holding them, and it works well.”

Starting the technique the doctor pick up the baby and folds his arms into his body.  He tucks the right arm and then the left over the baby’s chest area.  Now he puts his hand in that area to keep the arms in that position.

Next he tilts the baby forward,  at a 45-degree angle facing the floor.  The parents watch in amazement as the baby stops crying almost instantly.  His he a magician, many think so.

The answer is science, the explanation of his technique quite simple.  The position of the arms is similar to the position the baby was in when they were in the womb.  This folded up position makes them feel safe and enclosed, like inside the mother’s womb before birth.

As the doctor rocks that baby back and forth, mimicking the sensation of floating.  This provides an enormous amount of comfort.

Why a 45 degree angle?  The baby spends an awful lot of time laying on his back so he sees the world from one perspective.  Tilting him slightly forward changes the world he sees.

“It’s almost as though the baby is going, ‘Oh, hello world. This is new. I like it,” observes one of the hosts of the Science Channel.

With the combo of  security  and observation  the baby’s urge to cry is put to rest because of his new set of sensory input. Now there is silence.

There are many days of crying ahead for any  new parent.  Thanks to Dr. Hamilton comfort can come more quickly for the baby and the parents quicker than they hoped.  Sparing parents headaches, sleeplessness and frustration.

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