Does your bathtub always look this disgusting? Use this DIY all-natural cleaner that works


Housecleaning is a process that is far from fun and when we have to clean our bathrooms, the bathtub can be one of the most problematic areas. We also know just how difficult it can be to keep your entire house clean and if this is a struggle that you know all too well, be sure to keep reading so that you can learn about the following hacks.


Let’s start with that filthy old kettle of yours, shall we? In order to ensure total cleanliness, take your kettle and pour an equal mixture of water and vinegar inside before turning it on and letting it come to a half boil. Repeat the process a second time and your kettle will be as good as new.


What about that bathtub that just won’t get white again, though? All you need to do to address this issue is mix two teaspoons of baking soda and two teaspoons before rubbing them over the tub. Let the mixture sit for ten minutes before pouring 2 ounces of bleach and 2 ounces of vinegar over it.

Rinse the tub thoroughly in 30 minutes and it will look good as new. If your pans are also dirty and you cannot remove their scorched food remains, simply add a plentiful amount of salt to the pan and add water. After 10 minutes of soaking and a rinse, you are good to go!


Drop an egg on the floor? Salt can fix this problem, as well, so simply sprinkle some over the mess, leave it for roughly 15 minutes and you will be able to pick it up with a paper towel much more easily than before.


Have these cleaning hacks helped you? If so, please take a moment to spread the wealth and pass them along, so that your friends and family members are given the opportunity to enjoy them as much as you have.

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