Dog Balloons Up And Vets Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong

Dachsunds are normally long and slender pups not standing more that 8 inches tall.  Trevor, was like any typical dachshund until something quite shocking happened to him, which left him bloated and out of shape.

Trevor’s owners, Fran Jennings, was alarmed when he suddenly blew up to more than three times his size.  She knew something had to wrong with once slender pup. She rushed him the the vet to look for answers and some help.

The vets checked everything from diabetes to liver failure but came up empty.

“They had never seen anything quite like it,” Jennings said in a press release. “Whatever it was, it affected his breathing so we had to leave him there while they tried to find out what was wrong.”

They decided to run a serious of test and x-rays to rule out some other ailments and consequently found the root of the little dachshund ballooning issue.

Seem as if Trevor had an internal injury that caused a small hole in his windpipe.  The hole was causing air to leak into his body around his muscles.  It turns out that with every breath Trevor took he was pumping himself up.

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