Dog Brings Her Mom Her Most Special Toy Whenever She’s Sick

Dobby was just a puppy when she joined her family.  3 years ago everyone was excited to have her join the family they fell in love with her instantly.  2 days after arriving ‘home’ she fell seriously ill.


They took her to the vet that is when they discovered that Dobby had parvo.  The parvo virus is an aggressive virus that is extremely contagious.  Puppies and dogs that come from a puppy mill or pet stores are usually the ones infected.

There was no way they could give up the tiny puppy they had already fell in love with, even if it was a short time they knew her.

“It was very scary as she was so little, barely 6 pounds,”

Shani Coppa, Dobby’s mom, said the vet said she had a small chance to survive if she stayed in the hospital. Honestly though she told them to take her home and spend some quality time with her so she didn’t have to spend her last days in a kennel at the vet’s.

The Coppa family didn’t give up and were determined that Dobby was going to recover.  They brought her hoe and set up a room all her own away from the other family dogs. This was a Thursday night and she wasn’t expected to make it much past the weekend.  For 5 long days and nights Dobby’s parents sat in the room with her, doing anything they could to keep her happy and comfortable.

“My husband moved into the room with her to give her round-the-clock care,” Coppa said. “She got anything she wanted. Chicken broth, baby food, American cheese, Pedialyte.”

During her quarantine Shani decided to buy her a very special surprise… a stuffed pink bunny.  From the moment she saw the stuffed animal Dobby was taken by it.  The bunny became Dobby’s special friend and was by her side every time the couple turned around.

“She demanded it be in her special blanket, and when she could be induced to eat, it came to the bowl with her, it was adorable,” Coppa said.

When Monday came and went Dobby was on her way to a full recovery.

Since Dobby was feeling better she no longer needed the pink bunny by her side.  She now had so many new toys as well as other dogs to chase.  There would always be a special place in her heart for the the stuffed bunny.  The family  still has it around even after a 3 years.

“Pink Bunny was still around and not taken by another family member (dog siblings) because if they touched it it was on!  Dobby didn’t rely on her constant companion any longer now it was more of a ‘just in case’ stuffed animal.

What would you do if you just adopted a puppy that had the parvo virus?

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