Dog Dumped For Being ‘Too Big’ Had No Idea What He Did Wrong

A 9 year old boxer named Mac was surrendered at a Georgia shelter last year but when you here the reason why you will be shaking your head.

The owner stated the reason for surrender was because he was “too big”.  WHAT?

They didn’t mean he was too big they meant he had gotten too fat!  Now Mac was a little overweight, not obese.  Christina Wilson, a board member of Out of the Box Boxer Rescue suspects the owner just didn’t want to take care of an aging dog.

“You hear stories like this all the time. A lot of people surrender senior dogs just because they don’t want to take care of them when they get older. It’s a sad situation, but it happens more often than people realize.”

Mac arrived at the shelter overweight but quickly lost weight, probably due to the stress of being at the shelter.


He had lost 20 pounds in the three weeks he had been there.


“A lot of dogs, especially seniors, don’t do well in shelters … it can be really noisy and stressful, so I think he just didn’t eat much while he was there.”

Wilson had just lost her fur baby, Levi who just happened to be a boxer.  So when she spotted Mac’s photo she was immediately connected with him.

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