Dog Finally Catches His Tail And His Next Move Has The Internet In Stitches

Dogs love chasing their tails. Whether they’re bored or just want to play, it’s a fun pastime they all partake in. This playful event isn’t harmful, but watch for them doing this too often because it could signal a medical issue like fleas or anxiety.

It’s fun watching a dog hunt and finally catch their tails. Some pooches appendages elude them their entire lives. Indeed, it’s a joyous occasion for Levi, the determined and persistent canine in the video below as he captures his tail. After reaching this successful milestone, Levi isn’t quite sure how to respond. Tyson Lee Jones, his owner, was there to film his pup’s hilarious quandry.

Like all dogs, Levi learned early that there was always something chasing him. It taunted, teased, wiggled, swayed and swirled behind him as he moved. He tried to grab hold of it, but it avoided him. As he’d circle in to pounce, his tail would dart away as if knowing Levi was aware of its game. But Levi didn’t stop going after his persnickety tail.

And then one day, his determination finally paid off. He snagged his tail!

“He was so proud. He held this pose for probably close to a minute,” Jones told The Dodo. “He held it for so long, just staring at me. ‘Look at my Dad!'”

Overtaken with emotion, you can see in Levi’s eyes that he worries if this is to be his life’s greatest accomplishment. Though he’d spent much of his days working toward this incredible moment, it seemed there was only one thing left to do to keep his sanity: Set his tail free.

“After he let go, he kind of stared at it for a few more seconds,” Jones said, “and then sprung  off the couch on to his next adventure.”

With a loving owner and two furry siblings at home to play with, Levi’s adventures are far from over. Finally, he’s shown his tail who’s boss.

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