Dog Flu Is Spreading Across The USA: Here’s What You Need To Know

When we catch the flu, it is a common issue that we know how to remedy fairly easily. All we need to do is get a little bit of rest and there are a wide range of over the counter medications that can provide relief. However, most of us are unaware of the damage that the flu can do to our dogs. Flu season hits them even harder than the average human.

We had zero idea that a dog was able to catch the flu and that’s why we are to provide the necessary assistance to pet owners everywhere. Dog flu is not only a very real problem but it is spreading all over the United States at an unexpected rate. Family pets are being affected all across the country. Our feline friends are also at risk of catching the dog flu.

Dog parks are one of the areas that owners need to remain cognizant of. These parks are believed to be hotbeds for the animal flu. Eight out of every ten dogs who come into contact with another flu ridden animal will catch the flu. Kentucky and Ohio are considered to be the states with the highest risk factor for the dog flu.

Unfortunately, the official website for the dog flu states that there are at least 12 states where the flu is prevalent. It is also believed that the flu is going to continue to spread. Canine H3N2 influenza was first reported in the state of Illinois back in 2015. The American Veterinary Medical Association believes that this state is highly affected too.

This flu is airborne. If your dog is starting to feverish and they are far more lethargic than usual, this could be a sign that they have caught the illness. Nasal discharge and coughing are additional warning signs that we need to remain on the lookout for. Even the most vigilant of dog owners will want to make sure that their pet remains healthy by keeping an eye out at all times.

In order to learn more about the dog flu and how to safeguard your pet this winter, please take a closer look at the clip below. Finding out as much as possible about this flu and the best methods for protection is most certainly in our best interests. Share this video with all of the pet owners in your life immediately!

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