Dog Goes Missing From Home — And Turns Up 2,000 Miles Away

Those of us who have dogs recognize that sometimes, they’re going to do things we don’t expect. You may have had a dog that has stuck by your side for a very long time and before you know it, they are gone and you have no idea where they went. We understand the heartbreak of losing a pet but fortunately, there are times when it turns out in the best way possible. That was the case with this dog.

In Roaring Spring Pennsylvania, Adam Herbaugh had gone out for a walk with his two dogs but when he came back, he had three dogs. He was walking near the YMCA and he heard a noise behind him. When he turned around, a Coonhound was walking nearby and his collar was making a lot of noise.

Herbaugh asked the dog if he wanted to come home and he was shocked when the dog actually followed him. Obviously, this wasn’t just a stray that had been wandering the streets for a very long time. He was somebody’s pet and he loved humans. As he continued to walk towards his home, the Coonhound continued to follow him every step of the way.

Rather than simply keeping the dog, he decided to try to find the original owner. He took the dog to Companion Animal Hospital and they looked for a microchip. After scanning, they found the chip and were shocked to learn that the dog had traveled a long distance. They also learned that the dog’s name was Jake and that his home was in Phoenix, Arizona. That is a distance of over 2000 miles!

The hospital got to work by contacting a local rescue group in the Phoenix area. When they explained to the president of the rescue, Renae Metz, how far the dog had come, she had a hard time believing it. In her words, it was “complete shock.”

Jake had disappeared about 18 months earlier from their yard. Nobody had any idea where he went, although they spent a lot of time and effort to search for the lost pup. The one thing that had everyone puzzled is how Jake was able to head across the country on his own!

“There is speculation that possibly a truck driver found Jake in Arizona and brought him to Pennsylvania, but that is simply a guess due to the fact that we have a large trucking company in our small town,” Metz said. “Jake’s owners do not know anyone from Pennsylvania or anyone on the East Coast for that matter, so they were just as baffled as we are.”

Jake’s owners are now dealing with a newborn baby at their house so they weren’t able to travel the distance to Pennsylvania to pick up their dog. They reached out to the rescue to see if they could help get Jake home. They were happy to accept the challenge.

As it turns out, Metz’s sister was a transport coordinator and she looked on Facebook to find volunteers who would handle the journey. In the meantime, the staff at the animal hospital were falling in love with Jake because he was such a kind, well-trained animal.

It was five days after he was found in Pennsylvania that he began his new adventure back to Arizona.

They packed Jake up in a car and even gave him a T-shirt that said “Arizona or Bust.” The real difference is the fact that this time, he was being cared for by rescuers and transporters that would ensure he got back to his home in Arizona. They continued to write their names on the T-shirt when he changed hands along the journey.

All in all, 20 drivers were responsible for the 30 stops to get Jake back to his family. They even had three overnight stays along the way!

Facebook became the receptacle for many pictures of this epic road trip. One thing that was consistent along the way is the happy expression on Jake’s face and the kisses he would give to each transporter as a way of saying thank you.

When he was finally dropped off in Arizona, you could really tell that they had missed each other.

Now Jake is back in his home again and it doesn’t look like he is going anywhere, anytime soon!

Jake's Mom finally made it home from work!! He obviously missed his mom!!

Posted by A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue on Monday, May 21, 2018

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