Dog has human-like teeth, then dad notices his dentures are missing


Our pets are inquisitive creatures and they are constantly in search of new and fun toys to play with. This is especially true of dogs, who are very playful and like to explore as much as possible, even when it leads them into certain forms of mischief. Our friend Pandora is an example of what can happen when our pups are allowed to find their own path.


She’s a little bit more mischievous than the average pup, but that does not make her any less lovable. Lucas Alves Magalhães, Pandora’s owner, rescued her when she just was a puppy and has found that she has quite the penchant for digging in the backyard.


On some occasions, Lucas would even find that Pandora had decided to bury his barbecue cooking, in order to keep it safe over the long haul. While Pandora has always been very proud of her ability to dig up and bury items that she found to be important, nothing could have prepared Lucas for one of her most recent discoveries.

It was a day like any other and Pandora was outside digging when her owner noticed that she had found an object and was walking around with it in her mouth. When he could not tell what it was, he beckoned the dog closer and what he found will have you roaring with laughter.


As it turns out, the intrepid pup had come across a set of dentures during her exploration and was now wearing them as if they were her very own teeth!

While this is a little bit gross, this does not detract from the humor that took place in any way. Be sure to pass Pandora’s amazing story along to your closest friends and family so that they can appreciate all of her hard work and tireless digging efforts.


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