Dog keeps scratching at mom’s breast, then doctors find lump in her mammogram

Susan Castriota considers herself to be a dog lover and while there are many who would also consider themselves to be dog lovers just like she is, they have probably not been able to carve out a successful career for themselves by writing children’s books that feature their beloved pet.

This author and illustrator loves her dog Bella very much and the feeling is certainly more than mutual. Their incredible story began back in 2013, as Susan’s beloved fur baby made a habit out of jumping into bed with her mother, poking and sniffing at her breast and trying to get a certain message across.

At first, Susan thought nothing of the matter, figuring that Bella was simply trying to play with her. However, when she went in for what she thought would be a routine mammogram a few months later, the results came back positive for breast cancer and she would require a bilateral mastectomy in order to pull through.

Initially, she did not realize that Bella was attempting to warn her about her condition until she learned more about a dog’s ability to sniff out cancer during her biopsy. They have a highly advanced olfactory system that allows them to notice subtle changes that could be caused by the onset of cancer.

While the dog may not know what cancer is specifically, they do know how to sense certain changes that take place in their humans and alert them when they discover things that are out of the norm.

If you would like to find out more about the amazing story that Bella and Susan have shared, take time out to watch the video below so that you can see for yourself. Once the video is complete, be sure to pass it along to all of your friends and family members on Facebook.

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