Dog Missing For 8 Months Is Found, 11-Year-Old Has Emotional Reunion With His Best Friend

There is nothing quite like the bond that a boy has with his dog and this story certainly exemplifies this fact. 11 year old Rocco had a dog named Jack and when Jack vanished from his Argentina home roughly eight months ago, this child did not simply lose a pet….he lost his best friend in the whole world.

An endless search took place for the missing pup and while the family put in a great deal of effort when it came to locating him, their efforts were all for naught. For his part, Rocco refused to ever give up hope when it came to finding his best friend and he continued to keep faith alive.

Romi, Rocco’s mother, spoke out about his son’s unhappiness and let the world know that no matter how many tears he cried, he never ever stopped believing that Jack would make his way back to him. A week before Jack’s reappearance, Rocco dreamed of seeing his dog once again and it did not take long for this dream to turn into reality.

A friend of the family was at a local gas station when they saw a stray come strolling in and much to his surprise, it was Jack! When the family was alerted to the presence of Jack, they decided to make a surprise out of it and shock the little boy by returning his best friend in a sneaky manner.

They let him know that a gift was waiting outside for him and when Rocco opened the door, he was greeted by the best possible present that he could have received: Jack was back! The boy was so overwhelmed with joy, he collapsed to the ground and began to sob uncontrollably.

If you are anything like us, Jack and Rocco’s story is bound to have you in tears as well. This video is bound to make you emotional, so be sure to have Kleenex within reaching distance and take the time to warn your friends and family members before you pass this amazing clip along.

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