Dog Owner Causes Uproar Online After Giving Her Dog A Racist Name

For some reason, white people and non-black people, in general, find it absolutely impossible to just stop being casually racist. Seriously. One would think not being racist would lead to death based on how willing white folks are to just be casual bigots in their day-to-day lives. This is further exacerbated by the fact that plenty of people really feel like as long as you’re not explicitly saying the N-word, you’re not racist. Wrong-o!

Just ask the family that named this dog, who’s now the unwitting cause of pure chaos online. The family of Rebecca Marcias got a black Staffordshire terrier and decided, “You know what. Let’s actively participate in casual racism today!!”

The poor dog is now at the center of an internet controversy. You see, he recently went missing which is an awful thing I wouldn’t wish on any pet dog or dog-owning family because that’s terrible.

Cute, isn’t he? In bad situations like this, social media can be a (literal) life-saver, helping people spread the word about their lost pets in a way that’s more efficient and effective than hanging up posters. These tweets and Facebook posts are often shared heavily because it’s only natural to want to help someone find their beloved pet.

Rebecca’s tweet, however, has garnered attention for another reason. Check it out.

Uhhh…that’s what you named your dog? Really? Of all the things you could name your dog, this is what you went with. Okay. Now, we totally get that the word means “black” in Spanish, but given the history of it in the U.S., it’s probably not really freaking smart to name your pet that as a U.S. resident.

“You definitely ain’t gonna find that dog now with a name like that,” wrote one disgusted user, while another typed: “I understand his name is ‘black,’ but you REALLY should’ve picked a different name. I hope you find him, tho, just don’t run down the street screaming his name.”

Uh…yikes. Sure, this probably wasn’t done with malicious intent, but maybe next time just stick with “Buddy” or something. We do sincerely hope that this pup is okay and makes it home safely.

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