Dog Starts Digging In The Woods As Woman Sees Object In The Dirt That Makes Her Blood Run Cold

Shortly after being born, Matthew Whitaker was abandoned.  He wasn’t left at an orphanage or a hospital, this poor little baby was buried alive.

This crime happened more than 20 years ago. An unidentified stranger dug a shallow grave and dumped a newborn baby into the hole and covered him with dirt.

Thank God that Azita Milanian was out for a jog with her dogs along the very same hiking trail.  Luckily it wasn’t  too long after baby Matthew was disgustingly tossed out like a piece of trash .  One of her dogs took off and started sniffing frantically on the ground.

She carefully approached the spot expecting to see a wild animal.  What she saw made her sick to her stomach.  There was a newborn sized foot sticking out of the ground.

Frantically she began to dig the shallow grave, not knowing if the baby would be alive or dead.

“I screamed. There was a blue towel, and there was a baby in there.”

She managed to flag down a nearby motorist who sped to the nearest police station.  She stayed with the baby and awaited the arrival of the police. He was desperately in need of comfort and a human touch.

“He grabbed my wrist and stopped crying. It was very emotional. What kind of sick human would do something like that? He still had his umbilical cord hanging from his stomach.”

Matthew received  much needed medical care. Baby Matthew had survived the ordeal.  He was a fighter!  Eventually he was adopted into a loving, wonderful family.  Matthew wasn’t told about how he entered the world until he was an adult.  Until one day his godmother asked if he wanted to know.

“…she told me the story and I was just in awe and then I went home and did research and then I started telling everyone because I felt so cool that I survived the impossible.”

Matthew decided to track down the lady that had saved his life and thank her in person.  He was so glad she didn’t ignore her dog and listened to him instead of continuing to jog on.

Azita tried to keep track of Matthew but she was told due to the adoption she wasn’t able to.  She took rest in knowing that someone was loving him and raising him the way he deserved.

Ryan Seacrest helped Matthew and Azita meet during a broadcast.  They finally got to meet after 20 years and the reunion was heartwarming.

Watch their emotional reunion in the video below.

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