Dog Was Abandoned 5 Times, Then A Vet Examined Him To Reveal The Sad Truth

Ivor is one of the cutest puppies that we have ever seen. Unfortunately, this adorable dog has been abandoned on several occasions. Can you believe that this sweet pup has been abandoned five times already? All of his past owners claimed that he was unable to obey simple commands and that they had to abandon for this simple reason. Once he became homeless for the sixth time, his issues started to come into focus.

When the RSPCA took a closer look at the situation, they realized why people were assuming that he was disobedient. As it turns out, the dog was actually deaf and that is why Ivor was not able to obey simple commands. When the owners kept issuing commands that he could not actually hear, they would simply dispose of the dog and move onto another one as quickly as possible.

The RSPCA was not going to give up on poor Ivor that easily, though. They decided that they would assist him in overcoming this disability so that he was able to find a new home in a timely fashion. They found a great way to teach him the basic commands that he needed to know. They would use their outstretched hands to touch his nose and thanks to their efforts, they were able to rebuild his trust in humans again.

Once they isolated the source of Ivor’s problems, other people wanted to take him home and adopt him. Ellie adopted him this past December and the results are almost too beautiful to put into words. She decided that the dog would benefit from learning sign language. Now that she has been teaching him, she has been able to supplement the simple commands that the RSPCA have instilled in the dog.

As you might have expected, all of the rest of Ivor’s senses are as sharp as can be. His new family stashes plenty of treats around the house for him to locate. After going through all of the aforementioned difficulties, he has finally found a place in this world that he can call his own. His new mother even thinks that he might have a chance to become one heck of a sniffer dog in the years to come.

We are so glad to see that Ivor has located a forever home with a family that truly cares about him. There are many other dogs like Ivor who are in need of your help. To assist them, be sure to contact the RSPCA Halifax Huddersfield & Bradford Branch so that you can make a much needed donation today.

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